Empowered to Power the Future.

Diversified. Dispatchable. Affordable. Clean. Renewable Energy


We are a diversified renewable energy company delivering clean power through partnership with the private sector, municipalities, & utilities.

A subsidiary of the Gardner Company, we build energy infrastructure projects that deliver clean energy and economic growth for our partners. And positively impact the communities in which they operate.

Our team members have personally added more than 1.8 GW of renewable energy to the U.S. power grid—and we are ready to add more.

Our approach is simple.  Help organizations access their region’s best mix of renewable resources—including solar, wind, pumped-storage hydro, biomass and beyond—to enable a more dispatchable and reliable power supply.  And to use of the most forward-thinking advancements in technology, financing and operations to execute projects that are cost-effective and powerful.

We are a building a more robust renewable energy infrastructure across America.  And we’re doing it affordably, sustainably and responsibly.  

Partnering to Meet Your Sustainability Goals 

We know you have a big job—to assemble a portfolio of cost-effective, zero-carbon energy sources that can power your operations 24 hours a day. 

Like you—we believe that sourcing clean energy is not only good for the environment, but also good for business.  Done right, adding new renewable energy sources to your mix drives growth and economic advantage.

We’ll help you develop the right mix of renewable energy projects to meet sustainability goals and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate an attractive return on investment, and limit exposure to energy price variability. 

We’ll also help you diversify your energy mix to better insulate your organization from energy disruptions and strengthen your energy security.


Let’s work together to develop new clean-energy projects in the same grid regions that power your physical operations or data centers— enabling you to access the clean energy you create, as well as demonstrate a positive impact on your local community.   


Our Partners