Our Vision


We see a clean energy future driven by the private sector

As the end-users of more than two thirds of our world’s power supply, the commercial and industrial sector is uniquely positioned to switch the demand to renewables and drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

We believe in a more diversified renewable energy future

Enabling a more dispatchable and reliable power supply. We believe in the power of solar and wind—but also see increasing opportunity for pumped-storage hydro, biomass, and future innovations to round out a more secure renewable energy mix. 

We understand energy is not one-size fits all

Each region has a unique blend of natural resources, energy demands and geopolitical constraints, so approaches to energy diversification should differ. With an understanding of the unique project economics of regions, we work with our partners to customize their renewable energy mix and engage the right local stakeholders. 

We are committed to innovation

We believe that we need to combine innovation in how we use existing technologies with increased investment in new technologies.  By deploying the most promising—and disruptive—new renewable energy technologies combined with storage, we can accelerate the adoption of large-scale renewable solutions across the country.

We believe that our planet’s climate is changing and that we can do something about it.

Our world’s projected emissions of carbon dioxide are falling short of the 2 degree Celsius goal set in Paris to avoid future consequences for human health, global economies and sea level rise. As such, we’ve signed the “We Are Still In” pledge.  Joining a bipartisan coalition of 3,500 representatives from all 50 states— spanning large and small businesses, mayors and governors, university presidents, faith leaders, tribal leaders, and cultural institutions—rPlus Energies is committed to actions that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.  From the renewable energy projects we build for our partners to how we operate as a business, we can do something about it.