Our Approach


Developing Customized Renewable Energy Projects for Powerful Results 

We develop projects that employ both traditional and new technologies to provide partners access to their region’s best mix of renewable resources—including solar, wind, pumped hydro, biomass and beyond—enabling a more dispatchable and reliable power supply. 

End-to-End Project Development—with a Focus on Execution: 

We  lead renewable projects from initial ideas into energy generating facilities.  From inception and planning, to permitted and financing, through final commissioning and operations. We know how to deliver new clean power to the grid.  

And we don’t do it alone.  We leverage strong relationships with utilities, vendors, EPC firms, state and local government officials, investors, and landowners to succeed in our development activities. 

Here are a few of our areas of expertise across the development cycle: 


  • Customizing energy roadmaps 

  • Helping partners maximize available renewable energy investment incentives

  • Conducting initial planning, design, and transmission studies

  • Identifying and securing land

  • Building local partnerships 

  • Supporting state and local relations

  • Securing federal and state permitting, interconnection agreements, and other legal requirements 

  • Shaping flexible and smart financial models and project structuring. 

  • Securing additional investment, when necessary

  • Supporting the development of greener data centers, in partnership with Cirrus Data Services


  • Independently sourcing vendors to access the best technologies, at best pricing

  • Leveraging expertise in construction and relationships with the best EPC contractors to get projects built quickly and professionally, 

  • Managing relations with stakeholders and community neighbors

  • Finalizing, testing and commissioning plants

Ownership and Operations

  • Offering custom renewable generation and energy service options

  • Maintaining and operating large power plants

  • Continuously improving plant availability and performance at a high level

  • Partnering with communities for responsible and long-term care of land and environment