Pumped Storage Hydropower  

A flexible, dynamic way to store and generate energy


As we continued to integrate significant amounts of renewable energy into the grid, we have to solve the energy storage problem in a big way. 

Enter pumped storage hydropower.  The most economical form of bulk energy storage available today,  rPlus Energies is working to expand pumped storage hydropower’s contribution to grid resiliency and reliability. 

An efficient and clean way to store and deliver large quantities of electricity, pumped storage hydro plants store and generate energy by moving water between two reservoirs at different elevations—over and over again. 

Pumped storage hydropower provides energy-balancing, stability, long-duration storage capacity, and critical ancillary grid services such as network frequency control and reserves. 

Once built, pumped storage hydro plants have an unmatched operational life-span of more than 75 years.  Not one pumped storage hydro plant has yet reached retirement. As utilities continue to move away from coal, pumped storage hydropower has the ability to store and deliver renewable energy to the grid for the next century.

rPlus Hydro is developing several large-scale, closed-loop pumped storage hydropower projects around the nation. With up to 8+ hours of full-capacity storage, the plants will provide power during peak load periods. 

The projects are being developed in partnership with Gridflex Energy, the leading originator of new pumped storage hydropower in the United States.